Beijing Opera At Huguang Guild Hall

We wanted to bring your attention to another show highlight in the marvellous city of Beijing. But contrary to acrobatics, this is something that you might not even have heard about before. Strangely enough, the Opera in China is not that famous while the western version is known by virtually anyone. But perhaps one of the reasons is, that it does not fit into the western conception of sensitivity within the opera scene. However, we think that the one in Beijing deserves even more respect due to it’s wild and interesting nature, as well as an incredible history of hundreds of years.

Huguang Guild Hall Beijing

Naturally there are several places to go and observe this interesting form of performing arts. But there is one venue that we would recommend, that is without a doubt above the rest within the Beijing scene. Known as the Beijing Huguang Guild Hall that has the essence and spirit of what the ancient art deserves. We have visited the hall several times during our trips to Beijing, yet it never has failed to entertain us. Also we enjoy looking at the details of the performance, some of which can only be noticed with a trained eye. Indeed, this is a detailed and accurate way to perform opera.

The Huguang Guild was founded in 1807, making it one of the oldest theaters that is still standing in the city. Many of the famous and classic opera actors have performed here, which contributed to it’s long course in Chinese history. There is also a museum, where you can see an exhibition about this long history. It is built very well so that even those who are unfamiliar to the art, can get right in and comfortable about the multitude of delights it has to offer.

Huguang Guild Hall Beijing China

But don’t get us wrong, the Huguang Guild Hall is visited by Beijing locals and there are no English subtitles tailored for tourists. It’s only a good sign, that the experience will be as original as possible. A theatre nearby, known as Liyuan Theatre is noway near as good as the Huguang.

In fact, it is known as one of the four great theatres in China. Which is a status symbol that one has to be extremely proud about. While rewards have not been enough for the theatre, and Beijing Opera has continued to evolve for years and years. At the same time, they have managed to balance out tradition as well as dedication. It’s really a huge task at which there is no better place to see where it has been perfected.

Go and see the “Huguang Guild Hall” at 3 Hufang Road, Xicheng District, Beijing.

Greetings from Beijing,

Cindy Conover

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