Introduction to Buzzing Shanghai City!

Shanghai is the richest, largest, and the most modern city in China. It is one of the greatest cultural and economic centers in China and is often regarded as the New York or the Paris of the east. The ever-growing city is home to both historical places of interest as well as modern amenities like high rises, posh malls, high-class accommodations, etc. For all of the above reasons and more, Shanghai is fast becoming the favorite travel destination of many.

Introduction to Buzzing Shanghai City!

Shanghai: A shopper’s delight

Shanghai has a distinct oriental charm. But at the same time it also features a prominent western flavor, thereby presenting travelers with a unique blend of western and eastern cultures. This eclectic mix is also evident when you go shopping in this shopping paradise. Every nook and corner of this magnificent city will offer for sale all things imaginable. Shopping malls at Huaihai Road and Nanjing Road are considered as the hub of luxury items while the many outdoor traditional markets will let you taste the unique flavor of old Shanghai.

Easy and widely accessible transportation

The city of Shanghai is well connected to both national and international destinations. You can travel via freeways, high speed trains, comfortable buses, airplanes, and even ships. The convenient transportation also means that tourists can easily visit all the attractions located around the city such as the ancient Water Town, or the cities of Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, and Nanjing.

The colorful nightlife of Shanghai

The fun in Shanghai does not stop after the daylight hours. In fact, it gets all the more interesting after the sun sets over the horizon. You can visit the many restaurants or hidden bars and quaint cafes and/or the nightclubs that remain open till the wee hours of morning; go to theaters that feature dance, opera, acrobatics, drama, and puppets; and/or catch both Chinese and foreign movies at the cinemas. But perhaps one of the most favorite of all the nightlife events in the city is the Shanghai Acrobatic Show that is a guaranteed hit for a successful night. With loads of different acrobatic performances to choose from, we recommend the show guide that will help you choose the best acrobatics show in town. Check it out!

The different attractions in Shanghai

Some of the most popular attractions in Shanghai are listed below:

The Bund is one of the most prominent and historical structures of Shanghai. It is marked by clusters of wharves and buildings present along Huangpu River’s western borders as well as offices of varied financial institutions and banks.

The beautiful Yuyuan Gardens are located in the old city. It is designed in old-fashioned Chinese style and features ponds, tree and rock gardens, walls lined with dragons, innumerable doorways, and meandering bridges. The garden is surrounded by a market that sells almost everything, from delectable food and souvenirs to clothes and trinkets.

The Shanghai Museum built in the traditional Chinese style with a square base and a rounded dome/circular heaven is another popular attraction. The museum is home to numerous artefacts like ancient ceramics, ancient sculpture, calligraphy, and ancient bronze paintings, etc. Spread across 11 galleries, the museum serves as a learning center for ancient China and Chinese architecture and art, etc.

Dianshan Hu Lake is also a popular tourist hotspot. It is the only natural freshwater lake in the region. Tourists can book a resort near the lake and enjoy sunbathing and other activities.

Other attractions in Shanghai include Freedom Bridge, the Oriental Pearl TV tower, the Jade Buddha Temple, the four cornered pagoda Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, People’s Square, Shanghai Theater, and Guyi Yuan. Don’t miss the acrobatic venues or check out any of the other nightlife venues in town too! Thanks!

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