Top 4 Clubs & Bars in Hong Kong!

In Hong Kong, the vibrant nightlife will certainly tempt you to join in. You can have tones of fun and do so many entertaining activities like taking a luxury night cruise over Victoria Harbor, stroll in the bubbling streets with locals or visit pubs, bars and nightclubs. Guaranteed you won’t have a second of boredom while exploring Hong Kong!

Hong Kong’s film, nightclub, bars and pubs, music and drama and all other events make a fantastic fusion into the sumptuous banquet of Hong Kong’s nightlife. Get your party mood on and experience the dynamic charm of this Oriental Pearl.

Whether you’re on a business trip or strictly for your pleasure, Hong Kong has a full range of clubs and bars where you can totally relax when the night comes.

The following is a top five of the most dazzling club and bars to spend your evening in Hong Kong.



This is a one star club which is popular for having a celebrity crowd. Despite being around for a few years now, Drop Club still manages to surprise and keep the party going on. Once you’re past the rather selective doorman you’ll be mesmerized by this stylish modern place with lots of textures and warm lighting, splashed with decadent shades of red. Just make sure to arrive before 11 pm otherwise you’ll have to win an Oscar prize to get it.



Famous for selling more champagne than any other club in Southeast Asia, Dragon-I is one of the most fashionable clubs in town. Here is the place where you can hear the best DJ’s in the world and taste the most delicious Asian cuisine. Also known as Hong Kong’s hottest dancefloor, this club attracts a good number of models and celebrities, which of course, makes it nearly impossible for mere mortals to get in the door. But, with the proper manner and elegant looks you might just check your party of your lifetime from your bucket list.



Inspired by the original in London, M1NT is without any doubts the king to the exclusives Hong Kong’s clubs. However, there are nights open to non-members when you can definitely have your row of fun. M1NT itself is like a palace decorated with a 32,000 piece crystal chandelier, Damien Hirst paintings and live black sharks in a seven meter aquarium.



Kee is the place to be at any given hour! The restaurant has an excellent dim sum dish you can order for lunch and a contemporary European menu to choose for dinner. One of the most successful private clubs in Hong Kong, Kee is renowned for its connection with the art world. You can admire some a pretty Picasso while sipping your cocktail or get a glimpse of the fine African sculptures accompanied by a brandy to die for. Now that’s a blast, for sure!

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