Is Japan The Safest Place on Earth?

No Lock on this bike!

We’ve been busy covering China and other travel related talk.. but of course, while China is one of our favorite detinations, we want to share much more about different Asian countries.. which are all still important to us. One such place, which is quite the opposite from the red republic, is of course Japan. Many people have heard that it’s a really safe place to be in, with nothing to worry about basically. In many Asian countries you need to look out for your wallet.. but is Japan really that safe?

Having loads of experience, I can say with confidence that yes.. Japan in comparison to a lot of countries, be it in the east or in the west, is a very safe place. Probably the first thing you notice on your arrival to Japan is that people don’t lock their bicycles. Well, things are changing and in the cities people are locking the bikes more and more. But as to the reason why, it’s quite funny in fact.

It seems that in city life, most of the “bicycle thieves” are actually business men. Who just got drunk and lost their last train home. With desperation in mind, they just take a bike from the street, ride home in the middle of the night and ditch the bicycle. This seems to be the most common case, and one that is considered a big problem in Japan. Of course the bicycle is often returned to it’s owned and no worries. So in western terms the problem is very small.

That should answer your question, if Japan is safe or not. And for things like that it certainly is!

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  1. Japan is a super safe country, I know because I am Japanese! And sometimes when I go abroad, it’s difficult to adjust to an unsafe environment. Good post btw!

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