What makes South Korea Different

South Korean Culture

It’s sometimes sad to see so many people not know anything about South Korea. That’s why we want to share some light to the issue of what a wonderful and fun country it is. I still find it surprising that some people have no idea what is the difference between South and North Korea. It’s like not knowing the difference between China and the United States. With such a huge difference and huge misunderstanding going on.. there are some positive effects as well! You see, tourism is not as big as in neighboring China or Japan. Keeping some of the country unspoiled with tourism.. that’s of course the kind of places that I head on to for enjoying full power Korean culture.

What is that you may ask.. and I forgive you for your ignorance. They have their own culture, with a very strong and unique flavor of mannerism. They are very kind people, and the food is just something that blows your mind. It is again just something totally different that needs to be experienced to understand.

So actually the question of what makes South Korea different is not that correct, because it’s just all so different. But it’s the way that you need to start approaching the question to bring a broader understanding to people.

Watch out for future posts about South Korea and it’s magnificent, fun culture!

Cindy Conover

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  1. Fantastic post on South Korea. It’s good to know about the differences. Cheers!

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