Asia Heaven for Pursebacking!

XYV Asia

Travel to Asia. Is a journey like no other. You have the opportunity to meet so many kinds of people, from packbackers to pursebackers, and the latter term is something my friends invented. But most importantly it’s a chance to grow as a person, and find yourself. At least for those who are looking for the true Asia travel experience. If you are not, maybe this site is not so interesting for you. Or maybe you just don’t know that this is your future, hah hah.

So one thing that Asia often is, is cheap. And that gives you quite a lot of possibilities. In fact, it’s the heaven for pursebacking. My favourite way to travel.

Pursebacking has not yet become a popular term, because it has been invented by people who are still such a huge minority in travel culture. There use to be a time, when packbackers were a minority and vacation package tourists were the norm. It’s not that anymore, especially in Asia where you can have even more of packbackers.

But a new underground culture has emerged. And it is, to travel as light as possible. Leave your obsessions home, go out and live a life with nothing but you, little clothes and the unknown experience that lies here and now. Not in that destination, but in the trip that’s in between. That’s called pursebacking!

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