How to Prepare Yourself for Travel

We have been covering a few very interesting travel stories so far. But besides telling you about great travel destinations, I enjoy going down into the very core of travel itself. For obvious reasons, the experience of travel would be nothing without the preparation. Many people have a huge list of things to do before they can accomplish lift off. While I understand the importance of mastering the steps of preparation, I am convinced that a lot of people are simply over doing it. Perhaps out of worry or concern, which are all healthy and normal emotions to have. Yet at the end of the day, the experience you are going to have is something unexpected and at times even unimaginable.

Heavy Suitcase

So how do you prepare for such a thing, that doesn’t even exist. How on earth one can be prepared for it is the question I have heard many times. Of course it’s understandable that the question seems like something very difficult. However the answer is not that complicated at all, meaning that one can actually pull through and be prepared. And while mental preparation is the obvious strong point here, I am not even go into that. But give you a much more real and comforting advice that you can take home and start right now. The confidence and courage in travel will grow almost like by itself!

While I cannot give the ultimate answer to every type of a trip, there is one single fundamental rule to stick by. Which is to travel light and simple, comparative to the needs of your trip of course. This isn’t some ‘hippy’ philosophy either and I am not saying that you need to throw away those heavy books when you travel. Although I do so because personally I want to live the world outside when I am on the move, not dive inside a book or novel.

The way we really achieve this, is by really putting effort and thought into what you really need. If you cannot find three reasons for each object that you want to take with you, then leave it. Only take the precious the essential that you cannot live without. When you start selecting the stuff you prepare with, as if naturally you start to understand that you have so many useful things that you will absolutely need. So naturally, you are safe and well prepared.

Three reasons and no cheating. No silly reasons either. When you are on the trip, then it’s time to let loose, be silly and enjoy.

Hope this helped.

More travel tips, coming later!
Cindy Conover


  1. Thanks this guide is extremely useful. I often thought the traveling light would be something difficult, but I love the way you think simple too!=)


    • Thanks for your lovely comment Melanie. I try to do my best and people like you are in inspiration to me as well! <3

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