Not Destination But What’s in Between

The In Between Moment

Just wanted to create a solid basis for this website so that when we look back at it. You cannot ask us about “why didn’t you tell us before?”. The philosophy of is somewhat strong and for a reason. There is just too much nonsense in the travel industry. Especially when it comes to business and money making it’s hard to know who to trust.

In fact, all these so called travel agencies are advertising a destination. As if when you get there, you reach the ultimate peak of travel. But this could not be further from the way we think (I was tempted to say truth there..!).

If all you do is wait to get to the destination, over there you take a few pictures, have a local meal what ever. And then just go back home and wait to get back. If that’s all one does, and this is the most of ordinary tourists what they are doing.. one has learned pretty much nothing.

So, while we might introduce destinations. It’s not really the destination that is most importance, it’s how we got there. These trips in between, are fully of great stories and experiences. This in between experience is really what makes up the magic and spirit of the travel website. So once you understand that, you are ready to absorb our posts.



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  1. Cody Macrossan July 12, 2014 at 15:35

    Cindy. These words are so true, I really believe that the trip in between is the most amazing experience. Your insight in travel is wonderful!

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