The New Acrobatic Show At Chaoyang Theatre

Remember the previously reviewed Beijing Acrobatic Show in China. Well I have good news for you, the show has been renewed and it’s now even better than before. With very affordable discount ticket booking and a new brilliant performance, there is no excuse to miss this any longer – visit the acrobatic show At Chaoyang Theatre for an amazing & unforgettable experience.

We also revisited the theater and here is our new review!

So, travelling to Beijing any time soon? There are tons of things to do and see in this major Chinese city. One must-see event that should be on the top of your to-do list is the Acrobatic Show that takes place daily at the Chaoyang Theatre.

New Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Chinese acrobatics have been around for thousands of years. As such, the art has been perfected and results in breathtaking performances by highly skilled performers in and around Beijing. The event at the Chaoyang Theatre is the most popular of them all. The best troupes are picked to perform daring feats and unbelievable routines that display extreme levels of skill, which may often seem humanly impossible. It is not surprising to hear visitors using the words “unbelievable” or “incredible” during or after each show, of which there are normally two per day.

The shows are a celebration of strength and balance and merge the traditional acrobatics with modern moves. Among the many routines that have left patrons in awe include fire stunts, daring bicycle maneuvers, mind bending acts by contortionists and traditional lion dancing. The show can be viewed, therefore, as a showcase of traditional Chinese culture merging with modern way of life.

Chaoyang Theatre has become synonymous with the Beijing Acrobatic Show and as such, is a hard to miss landmark. All of 3000 square meters, the edifice was built in 1984 and seats approximately 1400 patrons. The venue and the Acrobatic Show are highly rated by hundreds of visitors and the show has been viewed by more than three million people from all over the world. It has also hosted important patrons, such as head of states and members of the IOC.

You can be sure of a great experience when you visit the Acrobatic Show at Chaoyang Theatre so be sure to add it to your itinerary when next you visit Beijing. So popular is the show that many booking agents and hotels recommend guests to take the train when going, because taxis are highly scarce during show times.

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