Travel Talk Like no Other

Travel Talk Like no Other

I know there are a lot of travel sites, but there can be never enough. Especially those who have a special focus, and their own way of thinking. I got sick of travel sites, that tried to please everyone by giving advice to all walk of life. These sites end up having so much information that going through that all is just terrible. Also I am starting to really dislike reviews. Sometimes having a lot of negative reviews is a way to find something amazing. This is how to internet world has ended up.. but let’s not bash it, let’s embrace it and use it for good.

When I say “like no other”, I really mean it. I want to bring out information that doesn’t exit, stuff that you would never think about or that just doesn’t get searched on the internet that much. I know, majority of travellers out there (including yes, backpackers) are venturing out of their home safety zones only to find something that they are already looking for. Something that will replace one safety zone with another. But that’s not the way I like to travel. And for those who are interested in that kind of travel, where the only thing you can except is that all and anything that is unexpected will happen.

If you are one of them, you will enjoy this site. Even if not, there is a good chance that this stuff will make you curious enough to get addicted. I’m not hear to please, but to say what I know and think.

It all starts with:

Let’s go on a little trip shall we.

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  1. I like the way you talk travel, keep up the good work Cindy!

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